Annual General Meeting & New Executive


Our General Executive meetings was last Sunday, and we have a new elected Executive! You can see who’s now running CSLD on our executive committee page. On behalf of all the new executive, we promise to serve CSLD and Liberal Democrats throughout Cambridge over the next year!

CSLD AGM – Sunday 1 March, 6pm

The society’s Annual General Meeting will be held at 6pm in the Munby Room, King’s College. This is the time when the old Executive will stand down and we’ll be voting on a new one. All welcome – meet outside King’s.

TOMORROW: The Future of LGBT+ Rights in Politics with Lynne Featherstone MP and Guests

Come along to the Knox Shaw Room in Sydney Sussex tomorrow at 19:30 for a Q&A with Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, Home Office Minister and former Equalities minister. As the first MP to join the Out4Marriage campaign, she launched the consultation of the UK government on equal marriage and still plays a key part in the future of LGBT+ rights in politics today.

Joining her will be Sarah Brown, well known trans activist and former councillor for Petersfield; Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, undoubtedly the best person to answer questions about LGBT+ issues in the local area and Ed Cearns, county councillor for Cambridgeshire and vocal LGBT+ rights activist, who organised Cambridge’s recent “Be the Rainbow” event. Along with speakers from LGBT+ charity Sexyouality, based here in Cambridge, we’ll be attempting to recreate a human rainbow with a plethora of coloured t-shirts and fabulosity.

This is a great chance to ask your own questions to people at the forefront of campaigning for equality and LGBT+ rights, both in Cambridge and nationally – come along, get informed and get involved.

A Message from the Chair

In my opinion, the Liberal Democrats have always been at their best outside the Establishment, standing up for the marginalised and ignored in our society. It is with this in mind that I proposed our theme for Michaelmas Term: ‘Outsiders’.

In October, we were visited by Pauline Pearce, the renowned ‘Hackney Heroine’, who reminded us of the need for liberals to reach out to the increasingly diverse communities who we purport to represent. In November, moreover, we will be hosting two very different kinds of outsiders: firstly, Lembit Opik, who was highly critical of Nick Clegg’s leadership of the party before it was fashionable, will be talking about his ‘Wilderness Years’ in a party that leans more and more towards the centre and centre-right. Secondly, Jim Wallace, a former Deputy First Minister of Scotland and current Deputy Leader of the House of Lords, will draw on his vast experience in Scottish government to explore whether there is any future for unionism in a country which feels more marginalised than ever. Finally, despite historic steps in recent years, the LGBT+ community remains disadvantaged in Britain. The Liberal Democrats have always been at the forefront of progressive change on this issue, but recognise that there is much more work to be done. At our inaugural LGBT+ Forum on 11th November, we, together with experts in the field, will be discussing how to combat inequality and disadvantage over the coming years.

Cambridge Student Lib Dems are not just a debating society, however; we are first and foremost a campaigning organisation. On Sundays throughout the term we will be canvassing and leafleting both students and townsfolk, so that as many of them turn out as possible at the General Election next year to re-elect Britain’s best MP: Julian Huppert. Please do join us- it’s fun, therapeutic and certainly no experience required!

It only remains for me to welcome you to our dynamic and exciting society, which since 1886 has been the foremost centre for liberal thought in this university. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Reece Edmends
Chair, CSLD (