Campaign for a Scientific Approach to Drugs Policy

Drugs policy has in recent decades, become one of the most contentiousissues in both domestic and international politics. With global trade in the illicit drug market valued at over 300 billion USD, and over 40% of young people aged 16-24 in the UK having used an illegal drug at somepoint, what is clear is that this is an issue that will remain at the forefront of public debate.

Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats then are campaigning for a sensible, rational and comprehensive evidence based approach to drugs policy. We endorse an approach to this free from party political posturing,where policy makers are given the conditions to make the right decisions on drugs classification, shaping policy outcomes for the public good.

We will be doing this over the coming months by holding events, debates anddiscussions open to all students at the university, from across the political spectrum. Detail of these will be out on the CSLD website as and when we have them.

- Justin Kempley, Campaigns Officer

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