Politics and democracy are very sensitive topics, and reasonable debates can quickly turn into heated arguments if facts and important information are not delivered in the right manner. Being a democrat requires a tremendous knowledge base about politics and how different segments of the government works. There are plenty of books which can help in building the knowledge about politics and also learn from the successful leaders and democrats about their philosophies on politics. Here are some of the best books written by democrats to pass on the knowledge every young democrat should have. Before you start reading these books and start to develop an opinion or an idea, understand that the books are not meant to divert you from what you actually feel, and not meant to convert your views in any way.

Extreme Government Makeover

In this book, Ken Miller talks about the tips and strategies for making government better. He also reveals few of the secrets which are hiding-in-plain-sight which important to come into notice. The book is about the flaws and problems we have in the system and what can be done to start the change.

The Liberal Hour

Written by C. Calvin Mackenzie and Robert Weisbrot, this books talks about Washington and Executive/Congressional Politics as catalysts of chance during the 60’s decade. The lessons from this book can be used for studying American Legislation, which is functioning even at present days.

Dumping In Dixie: Race, Class and Environmental Quality

In this book, Robert Bullard speaks about sensitive issues like racism and communism. It raises the events from the times when the white southern democrats were unfair to the southern states. He also talks about the environmental issues which were being ignored and also the uneven distribution of resources.

Profiles in Courage

Written by John F. Kennedy, the book speaks about the profiles of eight U.S. Senators who defied whims and did what was morally right for the benefits of the people. It is a book filled with the sentiments of people and the actions taken by the leaders, which even cost the severe rebukes and loss of respect because of their beliefs and actions are taken.

Bad Stories

Professor Steve Almond is one of the best democrats and a great author who is well known for his ideas and works. Bad stories is a book not just for Democrats but for every reader to understand what being a consumer of the state means.

Atlas Shrugged

A fiction, written by Ayn Rand is a case study of how a society disintegrates when citizens demand equality. The book very well explains the meaning of political correctness and wealth redistribution. The content is the book, although fiction, speaks very well about the society we are living in, and how the government is able to keep the citizens unaware of their own selfish deeds.