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Welcome to the Lent Term – A Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Lent Term everyone! The Michaelmas term was certainly an exciting one for CSLD: Tim Farron, Vince Cable and Michael Meadowcroft all put in appearances in Cambridge, and the CSLD executive welcomed several new members. We also took on CUCA at the Union in a debate on the Human Rights Act and met with local party councillors and strategists to communicate to them the views of the students of Cambridge.

However, if you’re interested in getting involved but haven’t yet, then don’t worry, because this term looks set to be an even more exciting one for CSLD. Politically, we’ll be spending much of it working on ourĀ campaign for a scientific approach to drugs policy – look out for a cross-party debate on that soon! We’ll also be holding our annual dinner, the speaker for which will be announced soon on this website; the event is always an exciting one, and past speakers have included some of the country’s most prominent voices in liberal politic – last year’s was none other than our leader in the House of Lords, Lord McNally.

It certainly hasn’t been easy to be both a Lib Dem and a student recently, but CSLD has been bucking the trend. At a time when the party needs our support more than ever and Lib Dem policy is finally being put into practice in government, it’s never been more important – or more difficult – to fight the liberal fight, and CSLD is proud to be doing just that.

Ieva Lismane, Chair of CSLD

Ieva Lismane, Chair